• How much I need to pay to use the Spinner Innovation Model?

    Totally free. 

  • What is the main target of Spinner Innovation Model?


  • How can I have the Spinner Innovation Model presentation in my University?

    Write a message on the contact area.

  • What is Spinner Program?

    It's a full program to try to develop an innovation process to the SMEs.

  • Who is the creator of Spinner Innovation Model?

    Dr. Ronnie Figueiredo, International Renowned Scientist in Innovation. 

  • What is the main contribution of Spinner Innovation Model to the community?

    It offers a means for creating more knowledge between internal and external environment.

  • Is It possible combine the Spinner Innovation Model with others models?

    Is considered an open-source model could be develop in a collaborative initiative with any stakeholder.

  • Witch types of analysis are possible to do using Spinner Innovation Model?

    In general, the Spinner Innovation Model uses the different analysis methods e.g., machine learning, econometric, structural equation modeling.

  • Why the Spinner Innovation Model was developed?

    To contribute to European Commission in terms of SMEs performance.

  • How can I use the Spinner Innovation Model on my PhD program?

    Access the button "Apply the Spinner Innovation Model".